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CHC AR Ultra

With UV Protection

Your lenses are engineered to provide excellent clarity of vision, CHC AR ULTRA coated lenses are designed to improve your vision, keeping your lens clean, clear and protected for years to come.

Both your vision and appearance will be improved with the new CHC AR ULTRA coating.

CHC AR Blocker

With UV Protection

The use of protective eyewear can play an important role in shielding your eyes against the effects of blue light. This protection has been designed to protect your eyes against the harmful light of ultra-violet rays reflected in the eye from the back side of the lens.

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With UV Protection

Purchasing eyeglasses should be looked upon as an investment, so think about your lifestyle needs carefully when picking out lenses because you can achieve both functionality and fashion success with the right type of lenses and available coatings.

With the advances in high index lenses which reduced weight and thickness, using standard anti-reflection coatings which may result in a “rainbow effect” which is caused by an index differential. CHiC AR has been engineered to address this problem by matching the index of the lens and the coating resulting in a greatly reduced rainbow effect.