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Persona Camber lenses combine complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction.

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Each Persona Camber lens blank comes from a section of the “Elephant’s Trunk” curve, creating a unique variable base curve front surface that continually increases in diopter from top to bottom. This improved front surface profile gives each viewing zone a base curve that is well-suited to its function.

This new front surface innovation provides benefits to wearers in both the distance and near zones. Wearers enjoy noticeably increased acuity in the periphery of the distance zone, as well as a reading area that is more comfortable and easier to find with the eye.


  • Premium digital lens with high optical performance and expansive Rx range
  • Significantly improved reading zone
  • Extended peripheral vision
  • Better cosmetics (thinner) on some prescriptions
  • Advanced digital back surface
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Compare front surfaces

Most digital progressive lenses are processed from a single vision lens blank, which has just one base curve from top to bottom.

In this case, the base curve in the reading area is not ideal, and oblique astigmatism results. The Persona Camber lens blank has a patented, continuously increasing base curve, ideal for the increasing power profile of digital progressive lenses.

Spherical lens blank
Spherical lens blank
Persona Camber lens blank
Persona Camber lens blank

A unique conbination of complex curves

When the unique front surface is combined with a sophisticated backside digital design, both surfaces work together to become the Persona Camber finished lens.

The design may be further enhanced by a complete set of individualization parameters to comprehensively customize the lens for each patient.

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How to Fit and Order Persona Camber Lenses

  • Position fitting cross at pupil center
  • Minimum fitting height of 14mm
  • Available in a Rx range of Sphere -14.00 D to +8.00 D, maximum combined power with a max cyl of -6.00 D Additions from 0.50 to 4.50 D
  • Maintain a min. of 10 mm above fitting cross for comfortable distance
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  • Orders must include mono PD‘s, mono fitting heights, frame A, B, DBL and ED measurements
  • Variable inset 0 to 4 mm
  • Pre-fit the frame prior to taking measurements
  • When edging, ensure fitting cross is located 4 mm above MRP
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Persona Camber Lens Designs

Persona Camber lenses are available in four fullypersonalized lens designs to suit each patient‘s lifestyle and preferences. Every Camber design offers ultrapremium performance, compensated power and real POW parameters.

Persona Camber B: “balanced”

The Persona Camber B is an excellent, balanced lens design for comfortable vision in all fields. This design ensures outstanding optical quality to enhance the overall wearer experience. Recommended for active lifestyles.

Minimum Fitting Height: 14 mm

Persona Camber N: “near”

The Persona Camber N design offers comfortable reading ergonomics due to a wider, optimized near vision zone. Is best suited for patients seeking unsurpassed comfort while reading and performing up-close tasks.

Minimum Fitting Height: 14 mm

Persona Camber F: “first”

The softer Persona Camber F lens design is intended for first-time progressive lens users. This design implements a more gradual transition from distance to reading vision, with a high degree of comfort to assist in a simple and easy adaptation period.

Minimum Fitting Height: 14 mm