Exceptional Viewing Comfort

Persona Office logo

task specific design

The Persona Office lens is one of the most versatile task specific lenses available today. It can be used to satisfy the visual requirements of anyone seeking a task specific solution for such tasks as extended computer use, reading sheet music, workplace viewing, sewing, quilting and other hobbies.

3 simple versions

A close-up image of hands typing on a computer keyboard

Persona Office 1

(up to 1 meter)

Persona Office 2

(up to 2 meter)

A long-range view of monitors on the wall across a conference room

Persona Office 4

(up to 4 meter)


  • Almost unlimited selection of viewing distances
  • Most usable near and upper fields of view
  • Task specific design
A decorative image

The Persona Office is similar to a progressive lens design in many ways but with some important differences. It places the emphasis on the lower portion of the lens and then works the lens to reach the upper zone.

ordering instructions:

Place the order to the lab by providing the following details:

To optimize visual comfort, we highly recommend CHC AR Blocker UV on all Persona Office lenses, which helps filter blue light that is hurtful to good visual health.