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Task Specific Design

The Persona Vocation lens is a hybrid lens design consisting of a free form progressive lens on the bottom half of the lens combined with a conventional straight top segment on the upper portion of the lens. It provides the advantage of the superb clarity of a Persona Phd progressive design combined with a fixed power segment on the upper portion of the lens.

The distance portion and the upper add power can be optimized individually to meet the requirements of each patient.

Typical candidates for these lenses include:

Ordering Instructions:

1. Determine the add power for the upper segment by asking task specific questions such as body position, head position, line of gaze and focal distance.

2. As a result of the above, determine if the minimum 10 mm wide distance portion and the 10 mm upper segment height is adequate for the task or if these values need to be increased. Ensure that the frame depth is sufficient for the sum of the upper segment height, distance width and 15 mm minimum fitting height.

3. Select a frame with a minimum “B” depth of 35 mm, of which 15 mm is the minimum fitting height for the Persona Phd, 10 mm for the distance portion and 10 mm for the upper viewing area, as determined above.

4. Send your order to Riverside Opticalab Group for processing. Due to the nature of these lenses, they will normally be supplied with a suitable minimum thickness and one of our premium coating treatments.

5. Please include the following info with each order

Distance + 6.00 to – 6.00 D sphere, -4.00 D cyl
Upper add 0.75 to 3.00 D
Lower add 0.75 to 5.00 D